Karla Saur

Previous Research Experience

  • Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
    Computer Security Research Engineer: January 2008 - July 2010
  • The MITRE Corporation
    Distributed/Embedded Systems Engineer Intern: Summer 2007
    • I worked as summer intern researching embedded systems running QNX and reverse-engineering network equipment using IDAPro.

Previous Industry Experience

  • Google, Inc.
    Software Engineering Intern in New York, NY, Summer 2014
    • I worked with the network modeling group to implement generic end-to-end flow path modeling in Google’s B4 software-defined network using C++ and protocol buffers.

Previous Education

  • Johns Hopkins University
    M.S. Security Informatics: May 2008
    • My Masters was funded by a grant from National Science Foundation Scholarship For Service (SFS).
    • I took classes primarily on networks and security. I wrote my final Masters paper on the risks and challenges of deploying IPv6.
  • University of Iowa
    B.S. Computer Science, Math: May 2006
    • My senior honors project (2005-2006) involved enabling Bluetooth communications between sensor motes and a Sony w600i cell phone. (This was before programming cellphones was the cool thing to do.)
    • During the spring of my junior year of college (2005), I helped analyze data from a random knot generation program, testing the HOMFLY component of the knot generation code for accuracy of polynomials using KnotPlot.